African Cuisine



Why did you start making?

DVees portrays our love affair with food - four sisters, one passion, one vision. We grew up in a house with a dad who loves GOOD food. We had numerous cooking and baking sessions with him, from making crab soup to homemade smoothies. He always came home with food from the latest restaurant he discovered or one of Lagos’s street food offering cooked to order; ‘suya’ – flame grilled spicy beef on a skewer. While he encouraged the appreciation for the western twist, mother made sure we knew how to throw it down in the kitchen African style. Our love affair with food knows no bound. One of us loves savoury, another is a sweet tooth, and the other two love them both. While we love being together and enjoy each other’s cooking, baking and company, we want to share our love, fun times and good cooking with our friends, families and the world! Our dream is finally coming together and we bring to you DVees. Our love affair and desire to pioneer the emergence of modern African food birthed the name 'Shakara Cuisine'. Shakara Cuisine [sha-ka-ra] noun 1. Elaborate and skilfully prepared Ethnic cuisine with a modern twist. We hope you like it!

Why is your business unique?

DVees aims to offer and present African food and beverages in a luxurious and appealing way. Our cuisine is a gourmet collection of the finest quality, freshly prepared food with an African exotic flare garnished to a stunning presentation. Our bakery offers cakes and desserts carefully prepared and elegantly decorated and presented. We like all thing pretty and that includes all things DVees. We realise that food from other ethnic regions are more embraced and recognised by the western world and we believe the reason in packaging. We want the world to experience the captivating taste of African food and beverages; the richness of spices and the burst of flavour in each bite. We are building a brand that offers unique and indulgent products and services. DVees is a brand that captivates your senses by offering a unique taste of Africa. “Uniqueness isn't a virtue. It's a responsibility.”- Mark Batterson

What keeps you inspired?

Being four close sisters with the same passion, we inspire each other with our tasting experiences. Having had different friends and experiences in England; one of us is a doctor, the other a chartered accountant, the 3rd is an engineer and the last is studying Chemical Engineering at University College London. Our similarities but also individuality ensures we bring a different mix to the table. Our parents are a constant source of motivation and encouragement. Our partners give us the required push and confidence to keep us going. Our family, mentors and friends spur us on daily; we release a blog post, a product or drink and we get loads of messages spurring us on. Particularly the release of the bottled Chapman received the greatest interests as it caused so many people to reminisce and remember their childhood days in Ikoyi club – the family club in Lagos. The quotes below typify some of the words that have been spoken to us that keep us going. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do, you have to keep moving forward.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. “I will not stop until I reach the top” – Mama Ultimately, our sheer love for food keeps us inspired.

What's your vision for the future?

The dream is to build a brand synonymous with good ethnic food. We see a future where people desire delicious food and think DVees, people want lovely desserts and sweet treats and log on to We also see a future where DVees products that celebrate the richness of our African cultural heritage in a contemporary way are widely available in stores, supermarkets and online; within an easy reach of our customers. We see a DVees Food Hall, a one stop shop for all things food, all things pretty, and all things indulgent; from freshly made seafood soup to yummy tasting JarCakes. We see cook books, we see merchandise, we see world domination and one more DVees secret we are working on: to build a fine dining African restaurant that delivers the finest quality of African and western food. DVees is not just food, it is a brand. “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” - Eleanor Roosevelt